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The Lewis Agency, LLC is a seasoned, multi-disciplinary agency with over 60 years combined experience offering expertise in all aspects of brand identity, marketing, advertising, public relations and event planning. We can work with you on a single project while executing an extensive advertising program encompassing multiple levels of design communication. The work we do is defined by the results you seek. 

For over 15 years, we’ve helped local, regional and national clients communicate with their audience by solving information/ design problems in four key areas:



At the Lewis Agency, we approach our client relationships with idea in mind … to live up to the promise – the imperative – to produce marketing that works. Marketing that moves audiences … growing your brand and helping you LEAVE YOUR MARK


Ryan Lewis

Brand Strategist / Creative Director

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

  • 17 years experience in strategic marketing, web site development & creative execution
  • 13 years experience in project management, advertising, promotions & public affairs
  • 11 years experience in event planning and execution
  • 9 years experience in persuasive copy writing and editing

Keira Bresnahan

Brand Manager/ Public Relations Director

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

  •  16 years experience in news writing, video production, & Editing
  • 13 years experience in on-air television journalist and news producer
  • 11 years experience in news/broadcasting management, copy writing and promotions
  • 11 years project management, communications and public relations


Digital Media Director/Brand Assistant

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

  • 12 years experience UX design, SEO, and SEM
  • 10 years experience creative media and design
  • 8 years experience digital marketing strategy
  • 3 years experience MarTech optimization

Shawna Wells

Graphic Designer

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

  • 16 years experience graphic design
  • 10 years experience in creative direction


Brand Assistant

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

  • 4 years experience in graphic design
  • 2 years experience in digital media graphics and website development
  • 2 years experience in brand management

Jake McCusition

Website Developer

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

  • 15 years experience website design
  • 9 years experience in website programming and APP development

Our Clients

“The attention to detail is amazing. They bring the AuDConnex brand alive and consistent in all platforms we execute. They definitely look at our company as partner and not just a client. We are appreciative of their hard work.”

Dr. Richard Johnson – Co-Founder of AuDConnex

“Klear Impakt is very grateful for the Lewis Agency. With our ever-changing marketplace, they adjust well and execute with a focused, goal-oriented mind set. Our brand continues to grow equity with the help of the Lewis Agency team.”

Dr. Jason Sala – Co-Founder of Klear Impakt

“They are not just about executing a task … they bring a level drive to make it the best it can be. Our brand in several marketplaces are consistent, frequent and effective. No doubt the best.”

Dr. Zach Zells – CO-Founder of Modern Audiology Corp.

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